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  • Enjoy free deposit protection up to $250,000 (US brokers) or €100,000 (European brokers)
  • Access our free insurance*
  • Invest safer knowing your deposit is protected
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We Found These Safe Brokers For You

*Many brokers offer multiple regulators, but you can only choose one so you will need to discuss with your account manager and request a certain regulation. 

For non-USA residents wanting to trade Forex/CFDs, we recommend that you open your account under FCA regulation to ensure full safety of your deposit (100% up to £85,000 / €100,000). For UK based clients wanting to invest in shares we also recommend using an FCA broker to ensure full safety of your deposit (also 100% up to £85,000 / €100,000). 

Our free insurance service currently applies to all European regulated brokers including those regulated by The UK’s FCA, FINMA of Switzerland and all other European regulators.

**US and Non-UK residents wanting to invest in shares should sign up with a USA based broker who offer 100% up to $250,000 funds protection. We don’t currently offer aftercare for US brokers due to regulatory restrictions. However, the protection offered by US regulator SEC is rock solid and your deposit should be well protected. 

Note that if your desired broker does not appear in the list you can send us a message through the contact form. We will apply our strict due diligence to ensure the broker passes our rigorous funds safety standards and if so, we will add it to the safe broker list so that you and others can invest safer.