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Our insurance is there in the unlikely event of your broker going into administration. If this happens we can help you get your funds back if you have chosen FCA/Cysec/Esisuisse regulation upon broker signup. 


After you have signed up with your broker, all you need to do is keep  your broker registration email containing your registration time/date. That’s all the proof that we need.


We can use this for verification if you ever need to contact us for help with your lost deposit. 

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How do you offer your services for free?
We are able to offer this service for free as we take a commission from each broker that is signed up to via our site.

Any commission from signups can be used to offset any administrative fees if you need our help in the future.
How does it work?
It's actually pretty simple.

Every time a member signs up to a broker online through Eusle's links, that broker pays us a commission for referring you their way.

It's this commission that we can use in the unlikely case of future claims.
How to get our service
1. Search your ideal broker through our safe broker finder. We are constantly adding more brokers each week

2. Sign up to your broker through our site. We'll track this and you will then have access lifetime access to our free help!

It really is that simple!

*Deposit protection is provided by state backed deposit guarantee schemes such as Esisuisse/FSCS and are provided if the broker fails or goes into liquidation. Losses arising purely from investment performance are not covered.

**Esisuisse/FSCS funds deposit guarantees are approx €100,000 each [CHF 100,000 & GBP £100,000 respectively]. Some Claims Management Companies [CMCs] take 20% (or more) of the net value of claims. So if claims were for €100,000 the CMC would take approximately €20,000 for fees. We charge zero fees as we just prepare your documents for you to submit to the relevant investor compensation scheme. Because you are in control of all documentation you receive 100% of funds reclaimed. 

We have over 25 years’ experience acting on the behalf of consumers liaising with statutory bodies across a wide variety of sectors and jurisdictions. Claims have been successful in the sectors of apparel, affiliates, aviation delay (EU Regulation 261/2004), Payment Protection Insurance amongst others. Most importantly we have over 8 years’ experience in funds retrieval from brokers who have gone into administration.