About Us

Behind The Scenes at The Safer Investor

How It all started

I began The Safer Investor Community in a bid to help promote financial literacy to our communities.


Financial literacy is more important today than ever. The pandemic has brought a huge wave of broker scams with unscrupulous firms and individuals targeting unwitting investors – especially targeting the young.

My ultimate aim is to help the community understand the basics of finance and to start investing safer, wiser and in confidence. 

About me

James Finn Bio

Hi, I’m James Finn – I started the Safer Investor Initiative to help communities learn the basics of finance and move towards financial freedom.



During my career, I have worked as a Financial Analyst at Barclays Bank, and an IT Manager at Fujitsu Systems.


I have a BA in Business as well as a PgD in Industrial Computing Systems where I did my thesis on physical computer security.


I love travel, trekking, cycling, diving, music, languages and meeting fun, unusual and engaging people from varied backgrounds. 


Giving back to the community in which I live is important to me. As well as run the Safer Investor, I also volunteer with isolated, older people as well as facilitate a mental health group specialising in bipolar disorder. In previous years, I have completed various conservation projects.


If you want to know more about me you can DM us on Instagram and say hello.