About Us

Behind The Scenes at The Safer Investor

How It all started

After nearly losing all of my hard-earned investment money to a less reputable broker called Worldspreads (which went bankrupt in 2012), I began The Safer Investor Community to help prevent disaster from happening to others. You can read about my experience here and how I managed to get all my deposit back.


Protecting your trading funds is more important today than ever. The pandemic has brought a huge wave of broker scams with unscrupulous firms and individuals targeting unwitting investors out of £78m in the UK alone in 2020 and it looks set to get worse as we head towards 2022. Your hard earned money can be vulnerable. I want to ensure that new investors don’t fall victim to such dishonesty.


To help ensure that your funds are more protected you can sign up for brokers via our site and in the unlikely event of broker bankrupcy you will have access to our free insurance to ensure your funds will be protected.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

About me

James Finn Bio

Hi, I’m James Finn – I started the Safer Investor Initiative to help traders trade more safely.



During my career, I have worked as a Financial Analyst at Barclays Bank, an IT Manager at Fujitsu Systems as well as a Law associate for the UK Government.


I have a BA in Business as well as a PgD in Industrial Computing Systems where I did my thesis on physical computer security.


Feel free to reach out with any questions and I’d be delighted to help.